The Chain for Trading

ContractLand is a public blockchain built for the peer-to-peer exchange of assets

Anyone in the world can use ContractLand to create their own decentralized exchange or trade their tokens on an existing exchange

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High Performance Application-Specific Chain Framework

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Terra-Chain is a new generation blockchain with optimized consensus for maximum scalability. It's capable of more than 10000 TPS with sub-second block times.


Terra-Bridge is a bi-directional token bridge technology for value transfers for BTC, ETH, ERC20 Tokens, and various other blockchain assets.

Tokenizing Your Assets

Unlock the potentials for your business through asset tokenization. Tokens are more accessible, cheaper, faster, and easier for end users, vastly increasing liquidity of the underlying asset.



All DEX created on ContractLand shares the same liquidity pool, meaning you will instantly benefit from the existing token liquidities when creating a new DEX.



Eliminate middlemen, and add value with our sub-second settlements technology, providing your users with all the benefits of a decentralized exchange, without its flaws.



No need to worry about user token custody as trades are done wallet-to-wallet. Funds remains in users wallet at all times without ever going to any centralized parties.



Users can trade against a selection of well known tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and more through our decentrialized multi-chain technology.

The Liquidity Infrastructure of Web3.0

ContractLand builts the infrastructure to provide liquidity of tokenized assets across various blockchains through high performing multi-chain technology.

Become a Validator

Contribute to Terra-Chain and Terra-Bridge's security by running your own validator node and start earning

Chain Validator

By becoming a staking validator in Terra-Chain, you will start earning CLC tokens on all transactions made on the network. You can then hodl or exchange them for other tokens on any of the existing DEXs.

Bridge validator

Each Terra-Bridge network has its own set of bridge validators. By becoming a staking validator in one of the bridge networks, you will earn both CLC and token of the chain for that particular bridge (e.g ETH for Ethereum, BTC for Bitcoin).

About Us

Our team is a distributed group of individuals from around the world with backgrounds in engineering, finance and research. We are passionate about decentralized technology and its impact as an equalizing force in the world.

Kirill Kirikov

CTO & Co-Founder 4irelabs, Blockchain expert, Software engineer, Traveller.

Peter He

Consensus and cross-chain protocol research and development.

Bruce Li

Blockchain and application development.

Han Ke

Previous engineer at Betterment. Founder of Shoshin blockchain security group. Computer engineering at Univerity of Toronto.

Marek Kirejczyk

Lead Blockchain Developer at Ambrosus. Owner at Ethworks

Przemyslaw Rzad

Blockchain Developer.

Antoni Kędracki

Senior Blockchain Developer at Ambrosus, CTO and Owner at Ethworks.

Natalia Kirejczyk

Lead Blockchain UI & UX Designer. UX advisor of Allsporter. Owner at Ethworks.

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