The Chain for Trading

ContractLand is built for the decentralized exchange of
cryptocurrency in a multi-chain ecosystem

High Performance Application-Specific Chain Framework

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Terra-Chain is the blockchain layer built for scalable and interoperable transactions across an internet of blockchain ecosystem.


Terra-Bridge is a bi-directional token bridge technology for value transfers between different blockchain networks.

Our Vision

Trust-free exchange of value. Fairness ensured via code


Wallet-to-Wallet Security

Exchange tokens across chains directly from you address. No one else have access to your tokens or private key.



All you need to start trading is an address and private key pair.


Multi-Chain Assets

Securely manage assets across multiple blockchains with a single address that you and only you have access to.


Zero Exchange Fees

There are no trading or listing fees. It's decentralized! The only fee is blockchain transactions fees (gas), which is earn by the exchange chain miners.

The Liquidity Infrastructure of Web3.0

ContractLand builts the infrastructure to provide liquidity of tokenized assets across various blockchains through high performing multi-chain technology.

About Us

Our team is a distributed group of individuals from around the world with backgrounds in engineering, finance and research. We are passionate about decentralized technology and its impact as an equalizing force in the world.

Peter He

Consensus and cross-chain protocol R&D. Previous engineer at Bloomberg NYC. Computer engineering at Univerity of Toronto.

Bingyang Li

Previous COO of SmartMesh and founder of Ipetram. Assisted the research on economics for MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and LBS.

Jiahua Zhou

Previous Co-founder of Hnapay and COO of Shanghai Culture Asset and Equity Exchange.

Zeyang Xu

Previous head of product design at Shanghai Culture Asset and Equity Exchange. Founder of FirstMatrix.

Marek Kirejczyk

Lead Blockchain Developer at Ambrosus. Owner at Ethworks

Forrest Li

Previous risk management at Cinda Securities. Financial Engineering at University of Toronto.

Antoni Kędracki

Senior Blockchain Developer at Ambrosus, CTO and Owner at Ethworks.

Natalia Kirejczyk

Lead Blockchain UI & UX Designer. UX advisor of Allsporter. Owner at Ethworks.

Kirill Kirikov

CTO & Co-Founder 4irelabs, Blockchain expert, Software engineer, Traveller.

Przemyslaw Rzad

Blockchain Developer.

Han Ke

Previous engineer at Betterment. Founder of Shoshin blockchain security group. Computer engineering at Univerity of Toronto.

Shaun Lee

Exchange system architect. CTO of Shanghai Zhangbei Internet Finance. Core contributor in the assemble of Binance's founding team.

Chang Liu

Early investor and advocate of cryptocurrency. Experienced community manager with a strong media network in the blockchain space.


Team Formation

Team formed

Private Alpha on Ethereum Testnet

Cross-chain transfer using Terra-Bridge between Ethereum and Terra testnet DEX deployed on Ethereum testnet for alpha testing CLC tokens deployed to mainnet

Terra-Chain Mainnet

Create Terra-Chain mainnet
Link Terra-Bridge between Ethereum mainnet and Terra-Chain mainnet
Deploy DEX on Terra-Chain mainnet for public trading


Whitepaper released
Design platform and DEX infrastructure

Open Beta on Gaia Testnet

Create Terra-Chain Gaia testnet
Link Terra-Bridge between Rinkey and Gaia
DEX deployed on Gaia for public testing

Interchain Network

Expand Terra-Bridge connection to other major public chains